Los Angeles Fashion Network

Supply Automatic Mask Machines and Raw Materials

Our company has been working in the fashion industry for more than 25 years. We have distributed hardware and software of the Pattern design and Grading and Auto Marking system. We became a very popular company at the Fashion District in Los Angeles downtown upto now.
Recently, we have expanded our business in the two fields. One is that we begin to distribute the Automatic Cutting Machines and Automatic Sewing Machines as a dealer in the USA. We are leading the companies related with Leather, PVC, Vinyl industry by introducing Automatic Cutting Machines.
And another thing is distributing the Automatic Mask Machines, Packing Machines and Raw Materials for Masks.

We are distributing all kinds of things such as Automatic Surgical 3 Ply Machines, Automatic Foldable ( N95 ) Mask Machines, Automatic Cup Mask Machines, Automatic Fish ( KF94 mainly Korean Mask Style ) Mask Machines and lastly Packing Machines and boxing machines. Also we are distributing all kinds of Raw Materials such as PP Spunbond, Melt Blown, Nose bridge, Earloop, valve for cup mask etc.
We are continuously searching to find out the product of the best quality and the best price all around the world. We are the distributor with the best resources through the worldly network. Our network will make you meet the best quality and best price. Our best policy is the win win policy.
We want to make you satisfied with our sales and we want you to make us satisfied with your prosperous business. Let’s win-win together. This is our and your hope in business.

From Paul Cho
C.E.O. of Rijin, Inc.

Need Masks for Wholesale?

Available for Disposable Medical Masks, Foldable Respirator Masks, Cup Masks or More