Automatic N95 Foldable Mask Machine

Suitable for the automatic production of foldable respirator mask

  1. Outer – filter – inner, 3-6 layers can be automated feed in alignment.
  2. Outline symmetrically and ultrasonic device pressing edges continuously.
  3. Automatic sending to earloop welding station after cut.
  4. Automatic earloop ultrasonic welding and cutting
N95 Foldable Mask
N95 Foldable Mask



Automatic N95 Foldable Mask Machine
Automatic N95 Foldable Mask Machine


1. Staple eraloop machine(Option)
2. Outer nose clip/Sponge strip(Option)
3. Single Inkjet printer(Option)
4. Double Inkjet printer(Option)
5. Transfer Printing machine (70mm×70mm)
6. Transfer Printing machine (120mm×100mm)
7. Staple eraloop machine(Option)
8. Built-in nose clip device(Option)
9. Built-in nose clip device(Option)
10. Built-in Inkjet printing + drying device(Single-side)
11.Built-in Inkjet printing + drying device(Double -side)
12. Built-in breathing valve device(Option)
13. Built-in Transfer Printing device (70mm×70mm) (Single-side)
14. Built-in Transfer Printing device (120mm×100mm) (Single-side)