Automatic Packing Machine for 3-Ply Masks

Suitable for automatic bagging operations for various types of mask

Speed: 40-230 bags/min (support 1-20 pcs/bag)
Size: 4050mm×750mm×1450mm
Power: 2.4kW
Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz

  1. Three-servo motor control system, can automatically set the bag length (within 400mm) to achieve specified length of the auto-packing. Including empty packing detection, through the checking of product’ s origin, automatically identify the material position, the machine will be stopped when the feeding material is not there, and started when there is product material coming in.
  2. Human-machine interactive interface, convenient and fast to set parameters, can store products parameters for various products specification, allowing users to choose parameters according to product spec.
  3. Self-diagnostic function, clear fault and reset in one-step.
  4. High-sensitivity photoelectric sensor mark tracking, digitally input seal and cut position, making the position more accurate.
  5. Independent PID control of temperature, suitable for various packing materials.
  6. Positioning stop function, material not sticking on the cutter, no wastage of packing film.
  7. Simple and easy of the transmission system, reliable and preventative maintenance easily.
  8. All controls are performed by program, convenient on features tuning and technologies upgrade, fulfilling intelligent operation.

Suitable Material

Heat-sealed film PVC, BOPP, OPP, CPP, Metalized PET foil, aluminum-plastic foil, paper film, paper plastic and other single-layer or multi-layers heat-sealed degradable material, etc.

Main Parameters & Configuration

Main Parameters Main Configuration
Model RPAP-FM-F-2-100×250-HM-BSP-CRF-P-1P220 ( I ) Touch screen YUNKONG
Length of Packaging Bags ≤400mm Servo Motor YUNKONG
Width of Packaging Bags 100-165mm Servo controller YUNKONG
Product Height Max. 55mm Proximity switch HONEYWELL
Film Length Max. 360mm Photoelectric switch OETAI
Film Roll Diameter Max. 320mm Temperature controller KEYANG
Packing Speed 40-230 bags/min (support 1-20 pcs/bag) Solid state relay AICO
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 2.4kW Switching power supply SCHNEIDER
Machine Dimension 4050mm×750mm×1450mm
Machine Weight 350kg
Optional Equipments
1. Special sealing method (straight grain) 2. All stainless steel (host base)
3. Coder (production date) 4. Exhaust device (pinhole exhaust effect)