Disposable 3-ply Face Mask with fashionable Pattern

Disposable 3-ply Face Mask with Fashionable Patterns

  • Certificate: CE, ISO 13485, FDA
  • Type: fashionable patterns
  • Nose Clip: single nose wire/double nose wire/plastic nose clip

Face Masks have become a necessity to wear while out in public places, but there is no reason we can’t decorate these and make them personalized.


Disposable 3-ply Face Mask with fashionable Pattern
3-ply: Printed SBPP+MB+SBPP
Nose clip

single nose wire

double nose wire
plastic nose clip
aluminum nose clip

Adult: 17.5*9.5cm

Child: 14.5*9.5cm
fashionable patterns
  Feature 1. Soft, Comfortable, Odorless, Breathable.
2.No stimulus to human skin.
3.Filter pollen and dust. Also can produce it with high filtration capacity, over 99% bacterial & particle filtration efficiency.
4.Very low resistance to breathing.
5.Adjustable nose piece for easy use .
6.Non-sterile.For single use .
7.Application:Ideal protective products for chemical, medical, the painting workshop, the leather industry, the environmental sanitation unit.